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Making your tiny house into a tiny home

If you crave the freedom of simple living that lets you appreciate little luxuries and beautiful locations,
you’ve come to the right place. 

As your tiny home building experts, we know that sometimes the biggest dreams have the tiniest solutions.

The benefits of tiny home living

From the second you step foot in your very own tiny home, there will be no looking back.


Tiny Homes can be used as accommodation hosting (Airbnb), a temporary living solution, a holiday house, an investment plus more.

No Council Approval

You don’t need council approval which makes a tiny home a great alternative when a granny flat is not permissible on your property.

Freedom & Flexibility

Tiny Homes are transportable so if you need a change in scenery, or making a move, take your Tiny Home with you.


Our luxury designs and modern appliances create tiny homes that are practical, comfortable and stylish.

Strong Resale Value

When it’s time to sell your tiny home, you’ll find that they resell for a great value.

Low Maintenance

Less space means less clutter, less mental load and less to clean giving you more time to enjoy the freedom.

Our Tiny Home designs

Our tiny homes are designed to be luxurious, minimalist and innovative. Our design range was created with your ultimate comfort in mind by maximising the use of space while providing a cosy haven to call your own. 

Whether you’re relaxing near the beach or rejuvenating in the country, your tiny home design will suit your surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Tiny Home built on wheels falls under the same classification as a caravan, meaning that you can park your new Tiny Home anywhere on your land without needing council approval.

The maximum dimensions of a Tiny Home are:

  • 2.5m wide
  • 4.3m high (from the road)
  • 10.0m long (*due to weight restrictions)
  • 4.5 tonnes in weight 

Yes definitely. We have a range of Tiny Home designs that can be customised by our team of in-house designers. We also offer a wide range of high-quality inclusions that you can choose from to really make your Tiny House your own Tiny Home

Our standard fully-fitted Tiny Homes start at $120k. Factors affecting the cost are the size and inclusions of your Tiny Homes. Contact us for an obligation-free personalised quote.

For our standard designs, it usually takes between 8 and 10 weeks depending on the size, design and upgrade options.

This is not recommended. Caravans are built for regular travel – Tiny Homes are not due to their height and weight. They are built to be moved less often and normally most standard motor vehicles are not licensed to move them.

Why Build a Tiny Home with Us?

As a leading Australian tiny home builder, you can expect quality and experience from our expert team:

Over 40 years experience in constructing in Tiny spaces

Custom design specialists

8 year consecutive award winners

Our guarantee and after-sales service

Eco-friendly and off-grid options available

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