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A place to call your own

Your Cosy Oasis for Freedom and Comfort

A second home can be a beautiful holiday house, a quiet sanctuary, or a way to keep treasured family members close. It’s their flexibility that makes them such a great investment.

That’s why making your second home a tiny home is even more exciting! Not only can you use it for whatever purpose you see fit, but you can build it almost anywhere, and at a far more affordable cost. It really is the perfect place to call your own.

A second home can be anything you want it to be

The possible uses really are endless when considering buying a tiny second home.

Holiday Home

There’s nothing better than staying in the comfort of your own home while on holiday. Don’t risk letting sub-par accommodation spoil your precious time away.

Granny Flat Alternative

Whether you have an ageing relative or a teenager looking for independence, a granny flat alternative is a convenient way to keep your family together while maintaining a sense of privacy.

Guest House

Impress your guests by offering them a whole guest house rather than just a guest room. They’ll have space, privacy and luxury that will make for a memorable stay.

Temporary Accommodation

If you’re building a new home or moving away for a fixed period of time, a tiny home is a perfect way to turn an inconvenient situation into an incredibly convenient and luxurious second home.

Home Office

A healthy work life balance means keeping your work life and home life separate. A tiny home is the perfect work space that allows you the convenience of working from home.

Investment Property

A tiny home is perfect for use as an investment property or as an Airbnb. From tenants to holidaymakers, there’s nothing better than staying in a tiny home.

The best second homes are tiny!

Convenience and luxury

Tiny homes offer the perfect blend of effortless convenience and modern luxury. No matter who lives in it or how it is used, everyone will love your tiny home.

Utility and affordability

Because tiny homes can be placed where regular homes can’t, they can be used for all different purposes and are a cost effective housing alternative.

Freedom and flexibility

Choosing to invest in a second home is a big decision, but choosing to invest in a tiny home is an easy decision. As Tiny homes are on wheels, you can move them, repurpose them or sell them easily.

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