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Custom designs for your dream tiny home

Your ideal tiny house, built your way

People choose the tiny home lifestyle for all different reasons, but there is one thing they all have in common. They want their little sanctuary to be unique, and truly feel like a reflection of them. 

You’re no different, and with our custom tiny house designs, we can make sure you’ve got a home you love living in.

The benefits of building a custom tiny home

Your custom designed tiny house is truly special and unique to you.

Your home is your signature

Your home is an extension of your personality, preferences and values. We’ll make sure it captures you perfectly.

Your home and lifestyle are entwined

Your home should complement your lifestyle, not restrict it. We’ll help you design a home that you look forward to coming home to!

Your home’s location is important

We’ll help you with the exterior design and placement of your tiny home, ensuring you get the most aesthetic and functional value out of your land.

Work with our expert custom design team

Our experts turns dreams into reality

With our guidance you can push the limits of what you thought possible with a tiny house custom design. There is no such thing as silly ideas!

Our experts achieve perfect balance

We excel at maximising space and functionality without compromising on look and feel. We pride ourselves on creating homes that are a pleasure to look at and live in.

Our experts offer incredible insights

Just because it is your custom tiny home doesn’t mean you need to come up with all the ideas. Our designers get to know you and can offer suggestions to help you achieve your vision.

Our Process:

Quality custom tiny homes at an affordable price

In many industries custom designs come at a high cost. At Tiny Home Solutions, that’s not the case.

Our expert designers have the efficiency and insight to build stunning, functional tiny homes at an affordable price.
Enjoy all the perks of luxury living without the eye-watering price tag!