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Invest in a tiny home for huge returns

Maximising returns in minimal spaces!

Thinking about the next big property investment opportunity with a great ROI and stress-free buying process? A tiny home ticks all those boxes and more!

With a tiny home investment you’ll find the process is faster and easier, which means generating rental income sooner.

Why you should invest tiny

The benefits of a tiny investment home are much bigger than you might have realised.

Investment Property

A tiny home is perfect for use as an investment property or as an AirBnb. From tenants to holidaymakers, nothing compares to a tiny home getaway.

Better ROI

Studies show the average yield for the tiny home rental market, when leased only 30 times a year, is 4.1%. The numbers speak for themselves!

Easier Buying Process

Rather than evaluating, negotiating and securing a property, we can build and deliver your own tiny home for a fraction of the price.

Flexible Use

Your tiny home can be rented in a variety of ways, from short-term tenants to holidaymakers or even listed as an AirBnb!

Lower Maintenance

Unlike Strata fees for unit blocks, or property and land taxes for established homes, tiny house maintenance only relates to maintaining the home itself.

No Fixed Location

Markets change, which means your rental return does as well. Unlike other property types, your tiny home can be relocated to land you hold in more favourable markets.

How investing tiny is a smart lifestyle choice

Backup home

If you use your tiny home for short-term rental, it can easily double as a second home for you to use for holidays, or in the case of an emergency if something happens to your main house.

Stress free

Many of the risks that come with traditional property ownership, like changing land value or a decline in the neighbourhood don’t apply to your tiny investment house.

Low commitment

Unlike traditional property, there is no stamp duty or land tax on a tiny home, resulting in lower upfront costs.

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